Warehouse Space

RAC-JAC Storage has several commercial warehouse units available for long-term rental in Sedalia, MO. Our commercial storage options are available to you whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. RAC-JAC has conveniently placed facilities all over Sedalia’s industrial and commercial districts.

Our competitive pricing makes us the best choice for your commercial storage. We are committed to offering premium storage solutions at affordable prices. Our long-term leasing options make us viable for every type of business storage.

Commercial Storage

Rent warehouse space with RAC-JAC today. We have the best warehouse rentals in Sedalia. Make the most out of your storage. Visit our facilities to see how convenient it would be for you to use one of our RAC-JAC warehouses in Sedalia. We have several medium and large sized warehouse spaces at 216 Metallic Lane and 2410 West Main Street. Then call us at 660-826-8345 for details and to arrange for a tour.

Locations in Sedalia include:
3505 Green Ridge Road, Sedalia MO 65301
23600 Greenridge Rd, Sedalia, MO 65301
1526 West Main Street, Sedalia MO 65301
216 Metallic Lane, Sedalia MO 65301
1521 Stone Creek Drive, Sedalia MO 65301

Call for more information on warehouse space 660-826-8345